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THE CAPITAL is the most prestigious premium real estate agency in Ukraine. The company, inspired by European service standards, was founded in 2018 in the heart of the capital. THE CAPITAL is not limited to local achievements and is gradually conquering the real estate markets in Poland and Dubai.

The company provides a full range of services in investment, sale and rental of housing. Our experts accompany the client at all stages of the conclusion of the agreement and provide qualified consultations.


One of the key directions of the agency for hearing loss THE Capital, sales of non-rumovy in residential complexes of Kiev!

We select the best options for living and investing!

0% commissions for services in furnishing apartments for Novobudovs!

Professional team of experts in the premium market
Effectively sold and rented property
Full legal support
We appreciate your time in the nutrition of hearing loss
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Real estate agency in Kyiv THE Capital

Everyone wants to buy their own home. This is the same step that provides us with freedom, independence, comfort, motivates us to achieve our goals and become better. There is little that compares to the feeling when you enter your own apartment or house, where every corner looks as you dreamed, and every detail of the interior meets your requests. But the path to this point can be quite thorny if you choose a real estate agency that does not seek an individual approach to each client and does not have experience working with different types of real estate.

Housing selection is not just a mechanical process involving signing documents and monotonous showing of apartments. This is the magic with which real estate experts, as if guided by a magic wand, pick up the same real estate that the client pictured in his dreams. This is how the best elite real estate agency in Kyiv, THE CAPITAL, works — a team of professionals who know everything about the real estate market and provide a complete high-level service:

  • buying an apartment;
  • sale of housing;
  • rent;
  • sale, lease of commercial premises;
  • search for offices;
  • selection of real estate for investment.

Why should you contact THE Capital real estate agency?

THE Capital is the most prestigious premium real estate agency in Ukraine. The national company, inspired by European service standards, was founded in 2018 in the heart of the capital. THE Capital is not limited to local achievements and is gradually conquering the real estate markets in Poland and Dubai. The company provides a full range of services for investing, selling and renting housing.

Our experts with ten years of experience accompany the client at all stages of concluding the agreement, provide qualified consultations, take responsibility for the client's comfort and save time. The elite real estate agency THE Capital sets itself a strategic goal - to be a guide for the client who will help him turn his dream into reality in the multifaceted world of real estate.

Today, the real estate company THE Capital has 12 premium class offices and more than 400 specialists who will help with the sale, rent and purchase of apartments, commercial real estate and private houses. The company's mission is to provide a high level of customer service. The international jury confirms our achievements on the professional front with numerous awards from the International Property Awards. In particular, these awards are:

  • 5 stars in the category Real Estate Agency 5-20 offices of Ukraine.
  • The best real estate agency in Ukraine 2022-2023.
  • Nominated for the European Award.
  • 5 stars in the Real Estate Websites of Ukraine category.
  • Award winner status in the Marketing category of real estate agencies of Ukraine.

The personal story of the founder of the company, Kostyantyn Pisarenka, who, with a thirst for his own business, turned a Ukrainian firm into an international agency deserves special attention. He went from an ordinary realtor to the owner of the best real estate agency. His experience, business approaches and service standards are the locomotive for constant movement of THE Capital agency to new heights. The fact that we are among the TOP real estate agencies in Kyiv confirms that our work evokes feedback from clients who return to us for better service.

THE Capital guarantees secure transactions

Our elite real estate agency always strives to help the client find the desired property in the shortest possible time. We adapt to you, go to show objects at a time that is convenient for you, and immediately provide advice that solves all issues in the legal field. However, our efficiency and speed do not affect the quality of transactions in any way, because we always adhere to the main principles:

  • We check the history of the object we offer;
  • We collect a complete package of title documents and check their authenticity;
  • We provide legal registration and consulting services so that you do not waste your time and do not worry that you will miss something;
  • We provide full support of the agreement from the moment of showing the real estate, signing the documents and until handing over the keys.

We try to take into account your every wish in terms of price, location, interior, infrastructure, because THE Capital is not just a real estate agency for buying real estate, but an assistant who wants to make your dream come true and find the best housing in Kyiv, we guarantee that you you will get what you have been looking for for a long time.

The range of services provided by THE Capital

Professionalism and flexibility are evaluated in different ways, but if a real estate agency in Kyiv deals only with the sale of apartments or only with rent, then this may indicate that, despite its client-oriented approach, it lacks experience and a broad view of the process of selecting objects . THE Capital values ​​every client, so we try to satisfy all requests:

  • purchase, sale of country real estate;
  • townhouses, houses with a generator;
  • luxury offices;
  • exclusive apartments in the center of the capital.

Having a large database of objects with photos, the best Kyiv real estate agency THE Capital can immediately make a selection of suitable options for you, and on our website you will find various offers and you can also immediately leave an application.

Real estate experts will answer all your questions, help you choose the right options based on your requests (investment or residence) and, as we promised, perform the magic that will result in the keys to your dream home! Choose THE Capital — choose comfort, service and a unique approach.

Now a large number of people dream of buying an apartment in Kyiv, while others are looking for rental options. Everything depends on the specific material condition and needs of each person. After all, it can be a house for sale, a townhouse for rent and the popular service "rent a house for the New Year". If you are also interested in renting apartments in Kyiv, or you dream of buying real estate on your own, our agency will be happy to help you. In our database you will find a large number of available offers and options, so you can rent an apartment in Kyiv or buy it without much effort or problems. We offer a wide selection of city areas, houses and apartment layouts - with us, everyone can buy an apartment in Kyiv of their dreams or choose options for rent.

What will the price depend on when selling an apartment in Kyiv or renting it?

Price is one of the most significant factors for those who have decided buy apartments in Kyiv. However, not everyone understands exactly what factors can affect the cost of housing, as well as the rent. Let's consider the main factors:

  • Area: Even if you are only interested in long-term rent of an apartment in Kyiv, then its footage will also matter.
  • Repair: This applies to cases where you decide to buy or rent an apartment in Kiev on the secondary market. Both the quality of the performed renovation and its cost play a role here - if you liked the designer decor of the room, then buying real estate will be more expensive than in other options.
  • The floor area of ​​the building is another point that worries potential buyers if they are looking for an option for renting an apartment in Kyiv long-term or buying an apartment. Usually, people prefer not to take the first and last floors, and a lot will depend on the view that opens from the window.

If you want to buy an apartment in Kyiv, then you need to specify when buying from the developer whether the object will be finished or renovated. Usually it also depends on the preferences of the buyer: someone wants to move in and live immediately, and someone needs space for creativity to make repairs for themselves.

What types of apartments can you buy or rent?

Regardless of whether you are interested in renting apartments in Kyiv or buying them, we are ready to offer you options with different areas and layouts. Developers in modern complexes provide different types of apartments, so you can rent an apartment in Kyiv both in a one-room version and buy multi-room apartments. Also, if you are interested in selling apartments in Kyiv, we are ready to offer you a large number of options:

  • One-room options 44-68 m2;
  • 2-room apartments up to 103 m2;
  • 3-room and multi-room options up to 256 m2.

Many new residential complexes allow you to rent an apartment long-term in Kyiv, regardless of your preferences. For example, some modern residential complexes like "Novopecherskie Lipki", offer multi-level apartments - the long-term rental of apartments in Kyiv for such options will be much more expensive. As a result, a large selection of objects with different designs, areas and layouts opens before you - at the same time, the area of ​​the city will also be important when selling an apartment in Kyiv. We are constantly updating our database with new, relevant options, so you can always rent an apartment in Kyiv or buy your own home with our help.

Types of buildings where you can rent an apartment in Kyiv long-term or buy it through a real estate agency?

Another factor in choosing apartments in Kyiv for long-term rent is the type of building where it will be located. This directly affects the living comfort of the tenant of the apartment and the owner, as well as the final cost of the premises, if it is a question of selling an apartment in Kyiv. Currently, the real estate market offers two main options for such housing, where you can find apartments for rent in Kyiv:

  • Apartment buildings of old buildings - usually such buildings can last for a total of 50-60 years. Here, renting apartments in Kyiv in the long term can be much cheaper than in new buildings - at the same time, the quality of the apartments can be quite high. They can often be found in the central part of the city, and historical values ​​of Kyiv, a large number of green areas, squares and objects are also located next to such houses.
  • New buildings - long-term rental of apartments in these buildings is particularly popular in Kyiv. Here you will find apartments with an improved layout, more comfortable living conditions, as well as interesting architectural solutions. Such apartments and areas are usually aimed at young families and students, so everyone can afford to buy an apartment of this type in Kyiv.

Before making a decision about a specific object, it is necessary to see it with your own eyes, since the picture and reality may differ. Sometimes a new apartment in a new building may appeal to you much less than a well-kept option in an old building. Be sure to check the serviceability of all the plumbing and appliances that are here.

THE Capital agency: sale of real estate in Kyiv and their rent

Some people try to independently find options for apartments that are rented or sold. However, in such a large number of offers on the market, it is sometimes difficult to navigate, especially since fraudulent activities in this field have intensified at present. In order not to fall on the hook of fraudsters, we recommend concluding an agreement on the sale of an apartment in Kyiv through our agency. THE Capital company has been helping its clients choose the best real estate options for purchase or rent for many years. Our specialists take into account all your preferences, and also take on the most difficult questions. We provide the following types of services:

  • We help you choose real estate according to your requests and criteria, based on offers on the market;
  • We provide legal and consulting services that will allow you to avoid many problems during the execution of the agreement;
  • We help in checking the documents of the owners, so that you do not fall on the hook of fraudsters;
  • We resolve all controversial and conflicting situations that may arise during the registration process.

In our sections, you can expect to familiarize yourself with the options for apartments for sale in Kyiv. You can view all available options, photos and characteristics of objects - after that, make an application online and get details from our consultant. We practice an individual approach to our clients, so we will be able to choose the most optimal offers for you.

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