THE Capital - the most titled premium real estate agency of Ukraine. The company, inspired by European service quality standards, was founded in 2018 in the heart of the capital.

THE Capital is not limited to local achievements and is gradually conquering the real estate markets of Poland and Dubai. The company provides a full range of services for investing, selling and renting housing.

Our experts with ten years of work experience accompany the client at all stages of the conclusion of the agreement, provide qualified consultations, take responsibility for comfort and save the consumer's time.

THE Capital company sets itself a strategic goal of being a guide for the client that will lead him from dream to reality in multifaceted global real estate.




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For buyers and tenants
THE CAPITAL - #1 real estate agency in Kyiv with the widest base of premium residential and commercial real estate. Work with tenants and buyers takes place in several stages:
  • Selection of options that meet the client's requirements for rent or purchase on the most favorable and comfortable terms.

  • Checking the history of the object being purchased.

  • Control of the authenticity of title documents.

  • Consulting services, legal registration.

  • Full support of the agreement at all its stages.

Advantages of cooperation
Efficiency of work of T.N.E. CAPITAL consists in a clear understanding of the peculiarities of working with premium real estate. This segment requires special attention and approach, because often the prices for the services of real estate agencies do not correspond to the efficiency of work and significantly affect the choice of the ideal space.
  • A personalized approach.

  • Preservation of confidentiality.

  • The best deals on the premium real estate market.

  • Conducting the transaction at the optimal time on the most favorable terms.

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