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What is it, Bilotserkivskyi district?

More than 6 km² and almost 500 people – this vast territory with a large population belongs to the Belotserki district of the Kyiv region. As an independent administrative-territorial unit, it appeared only in 440 as a result of the corresponding reform. Now it includes 2020 settlements, which are divided between 302 territorial communities:

  • 5 urban territorial communities (Bilotserkivska, Skvirska, Taraschanska, Tetiivska, Uzynska)
  • 4 settlement territorial communities (Volodarska, Grebinkivska, Rokytnianska, Stavyschenska)
  • 4 rural territorial communities (Kovalevska, Maloolshanska, Medvinska, Fursivska)

Previously, the territory of Bilotserkivskyi district was much smaller, and the annexed lands were then parts of Vasylkivskyi, Skvyrskyi, Taraschanskyi, Volodarskyi, Stavyschenskyi, Tetiivskyi, Boguslavskyi, Fastivskyi and Rokytnyanskyi districts. As a result of the same reform, it was decided to cancel them.

Bilotserkivskyi district is a crossroads of interregional roads

Bilotserkivskyi district is located at the intersection of tracks leading to neighboring regions. Its important geographical location requires a good transport infrastructure for comfortable movement between different parts of the region and the country.

The largest transport routes that will allow you to travel quickly:

  • 1 international highway (M-03, Kyiv – Kropyvnytskyi – Odesa)
  • 1 railway branch (Kyiv - Odesa)

The transport interchange of Bilotserkiv district ensures its connection with other settlements by smooth roads, endless rails and even the sky. At your service:

  • 1 Bilotserk airport
  • 1 railway station (Sukholisy)
  • 4 stops (Biryuki, Hay, Tomylivka, Chepeliivka)
  • 71 bus stations

You can groove the spaces in your own car and prefer the comfortable seats of the bus. There are quite a large number of them circulating here, so you will not have to face such difficulties as queues, crowds, lack of space and air.

Historical, cultural and infrastructural heritage

The picturesque territory of Bilotserkiv district is dotted with parks, various architectural ensembles and several wide rivers. Rastavitsa, Ros, Protoka and Kamianka are especially beautiful. Local residents like to walk along the equipped embankments and have small family picnics here.

As for other infrastructure elements, here you will find everything you need:

  • 1 central district hospital
  • 2 district hospitals
  • 3 universities
  • 14 outpatient clinics
  • 22 kindergartens
  • 21 sports clubs
  • 22 libraries
  • 22 general educational institutions
  • 30 club establishments

Bilotserkivskyi district is full of cultural and historical monuments. Visiting such places will be interesting for you and educational for your children. We recommend that you definitely visit the landscape park in Buky and the Oleksandria State Dendrological Park.

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