Borodyansky district


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Kyiv region
Borodyansky District

968 m²

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Kyiv region
Borodyansky District

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7 cells



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Kyiv region
Borodyansky District

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12 cells


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Kyiv region
Borodyansky District

180 cells

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Where Borodyansky district ends and the rest begin

Borodyansky district is located in the north-west of Kyiv region. Its area is 934 km. According to the latest data, the population reached 60 thousand people. All of them live in 47 settlements, divided between separate administrative and territorial units:

  • 1 administrative center (Borodyanka urban-type settlement)
  • 5 settlement territorial communities
  • 19 rural territorial communities
  • 5 urban-type settlements
  • 42 villages

Borodyanskyi's big neighbors are Kyiv-Svyatoshinskyi, Vyshhorodskyi, Makarivskyi, Ivankivskyi districts of Kyiv region. If you go west, you will soon be able to cross the conditional lane, which marks the beginning of the Zhytomyr region. Such were the borders of Borodyansky District before the 2020 reform, as a result of which it became part of Buchansky District.

Travel without borders

The transport infrastructure within the Borodyan district is well developed. A network of bus routes covers it in winding lines, thanks to which you will be able to get to the right place without any problems. If you need to get to Kyiv, you can choose the same public transport in its different interpretations:

  • 3 railway stations (Klavdievo, Nemishaeve, Teteriv)
  • 5 platforms (Zagaltsi, Makalevichi, Makiichukovo, Pysky, Khutir Gai)
  • 1 stop (Yazvinka)
  • 32 bus stations

Motorists will also be satisfied. Your trip to the capital will be accompanied by beautiful views outside the window and a soothing atmosphere. And all because the E373 route runs from Kyiv to Borodyansky district. It is important at the international level, because it connects our country with neighboring Poland.

Modern quality of life in Borodyansky district

Small shops and large supermarkets, modern gyms and outdoor sports fields - Borodyansky district is full of contrasts in terms of architecture and infrastructure. Here you will see how the typical urban atmosphere is neighbors with colorful towns, characteristic of small settlements, in which time seems to have frozen and does not want to succumb to the fashionable currents of modernity. At your service:

Object Number
Sanatorium 1
Children's health camp 1
Central district hospital 1
District Palace of Culture named after T. G. Shevchenko 1
Art schools 2
District hospitals 4
Outpatient clinics 5
pharmacies 10
Football fields 15
Kindergartens 19
Gyms 22
Schools 27
Buildings of culture 29

Local rivers - Zdvizh, Teteriv and Pischanka - will decorate the landscapes and your evening promenades. A large number of parks and the absence of heavy traffic make the area more ecological compared to the gassed capital. Walking in the fresh air will benefit you and your children.

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