Residential complex 38 Perlyna

Rent 1 rooms. Apartments on the street Zhilyanskaya 68

$1 100

Golosiivsky district

55 m²





Rent 2 rooms. Apartments on the street Zhilyanskaya 68

$1 300

Pechersk district

50 m²





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It enjoys constant popularity under any circumstances sale of real estate in Kyiv. Everyone who lives in the capital or comes to conquer it dreams of becoming the happy owner of their own apartment in the beloved Hrad nad Dnipro. If your ambitions and financial capabilities are not yet enough to buy your own apartment, you can always rent an apartment to taste the luxury of the capital. THE Capital experts are always ready to help you, no matter how much money you have at your disposal. We'll find great deals for both buying and renting. Residential complex "38 Pearl" is one of them.

Treasures of "38 Pearls"

Residential complex "38 Perlyna" from KADORR Group was commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2019. The unique Odessa color has been preserved in the sandy color scheme and natural materials, which are actively used to decorate common spaces. The 23-story business-class building offers its residents spacious apartments and 100 underground parking spaces.

In total, 38 apartments are available in the residential complex "356 pearls", among which there are:

  • 1-room apartments - 38-55 m²
  • 2-room apartments - 82-86 m²
  • 3-room apartments - 118-172 m²

The average price for one square meter starts from $1.

Concierge service will handle all your wishes at any time of the day or night, and the security service and video surveillance system will take care of security. Do not forget about household problems that can become an unpleasant surprise. A special service of specialists, including plumbers, electricians, engineers, gardeners and cleaning specialists, will help to cope with them.

Residential complex "38 Perlyna" is not afraid of power outages or problems with water supply. It is completely autonomous and can switch to its own provision in case of unforeseen situations. The smallest residents will be satisfied with the play area with various thematic areas, swings, slides and other interesting things.

How comfortable is it to live in the center of Kyiv?

Living in the center is a pleasure. Shops and brand boutiques, gyms and fitness centers, cafes, restaurants and bars for every taste surround you from all sides. New and new establishments appear on favorite streets and become new centers of cultural life. Residential complex "38 Perlyna" is surrounded by shopping and entertainment points, as well as other important elements of social infrastructure.

The distance from the residential complex "38 Perlyna" to the nearest metro stations, bus stops and iconic places of the city can be covered in a matter of minutes:

  • 3 minutes to the nearest public transport stop
  • 10 minutes to the Botanical Garden. Acad. A.V. Fomin and Park named after Taras Shevchenko
  • 15 minutes to the metro station "Olympiyska" and "Ukrainian Heroes' Square" (former "Lev Tolstoy Square")
  • 20 minutes to the metro station "Universitet" and "Vokzalna"

Don't think that living in the center is only suitable for successful business people and couples in love. Families with children will feel particularly comfortable in the residential complex "38 Perlyna" because there are all kinds of educational institutions within walking distance:

  • state kindergartens, a preschool center and a private educational institution for the smallest - "Kids Planet"
  • for adult children there are schools, educational institutions with in-depth study of foreign languages, as well as tax and advertising lyceums
  • art schools with drawing courses and other creative activities to develop the talents and abilities of your kids
  • language schools
  • schools for studying IT technologies
  • several football fields for active outdoor sports

The advantageous location of the residential complex "38 Perlyna" combines the unique atmosphere of the center and the seclusion characteristic of the most remote areas. A perfect combination, isn't it?

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