Andersen residential complex

Sale of 3 rooms. Apartments on the street Sechevykh Streltsov 84a

$620 000

Shevchenkivskyi district

206 m²





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Rare Podil, ultra-modern Poznyaki, romantic Obolon with a long embankment - every corner of the capital is wonderful in its own way. That's why the agency Real estate agency offers its customers real estate for sale in Kyiv in great variety, even if you like something like the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen, as in the complex of the same name. >

The developer Budinvest announced the completion of the construction of the Andersen residential complex in the first quarter of 2016. The club-type house perfectly fits into the architecture of the Shevchenkiv district and complements it with an unusual facade depicting snow-white clouds. In the cozy courtyard there is a playground for the youngest residents. Underground and surface parking offer about 50 spaces for cars. Concierge service and a video surveillance system guarantee the safety of your vehicles and the safety of children.

Accommodation options in "Andersen" residential complex

The business-class residential complex consists of one building with 18 floors. Monolithic frame technology was used during its construction. For greater convenience of the residents, autonomous heating is provided in the apartments. "Andersen" has 32 apartments of various sizes and layouts:

  • one-story apartments - from 70 m²
  • duplex apartments - from 180 m²

The number of rooms in apartments varies from 1 to 4. The maximum size of apartments in the Andersen residential complex can reach 409,5 m². On such a large territory, you will find not only a standard set of rooms, but also additional amenities. The developer thought out several planning options:

  • classic - two wardrobes with an area of ​​24 m², two bathrooms, a separate pantry, a separate room for servants and ironing
  • park - panoramic windows in the living room with a view of the park
  • patio - a view of the restaurant and a cozy yard
  • grand terrace - you get about 100 m² of terrace, where you can arrange a recreation area for yourself, your family and friends

Thanks to the unusual shape of the building, it was possible to create unique triangular loggias. Someone prefers a quiet courtyard, while others prefer views of Kyiv's skyscrapers - together with your loved ones, you can create coziness in any apartment.

How are you doing with the infrastructure around the "Andersen" residential complex

When choosing real estate to buy or rent, it is very important to pay attention to the location of the residential complex and its surroundings. When it comes to Andersen, you can be sure that all the essentials are just a few steps away from home:

  • 39 meters to the supermarket
  • 60 meters to the kindergarten
  • 60 meters to the school
  • 130 meters to the pharmacy
  • 160 meters to the bus stop

When choosing a place for his project, the developer made sure that the future residents had somewhere to walk and something to see. Various entertainment facilities, shopping outlets, restaurants with delicious food and parks with fresh air surround the residential complex "Andersen" from all sides, and you can reach them in a matter of minutes:

  • 1 minute to the cafe
  • 3 minutes to the cinema
  • 7 minutes to the square

If you want to get out of your native area, you can take advantage of the transport interchange. A private car and public transport will get you to the right place equally quickly. You can escape from the capital's traffic jams thanks to the availability of the metro:

  • 10 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by car to the metro station "Lukyanivska"
  • 29 minutes on foot to the metro station "Vokzalna"
  • 20 minutes by public transport or 15 minutes by car to the Poshtova Plosha metro station
  • 24 minutes by public transport or 15 minutes by car to the Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro station

Already thinking about buying or renting an apartment in the "Andersen" residential complex? THE Capital team is ready to help you!

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