Einstein Concept House residential complex

Sale of 2 room. Apartments on the street Zlatoustovskaya 22

$320 000

Shevchenkivskyi district

78 m²



Sale of 1 room. Apartments on the street Zlatoustovskaya 22

$135 000

Shevchenkivskyi district

47 m²



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In the very heart of Kyiv, in the Shevchenkivskyi district, a new symbol of modern comfort and high technology will rise - the residential complex Einstein Concept House. Realized by the famous developer SAGA Development and implemented by the general contractor KDD Engineering, this project is not just a house, but a conceptual solution for those who value quality, comfort and innovation in their home.

features of the concept:

There are only 28 apartments in Einstein Concept House, which emphasizes the exclusivity and intimacy of life in the complex. Phrase buy a private estate in Kyiv here it acquires a new meaning, because each residential module is equipped with the "Smart Apartment" system, which allows remote control of many functions of the house.

First of all, you will be greeted by:

  1. The house has a unique security system that includes video intercoms and an access system that reads fingerprints.
  2. Modern and spacious apartments with ceiling height of 2.9 meters.
  3. The concierge service is ready to help solve any questions.
  4. Commercial premises on the first floor of the building with ceilings 4 meters high.

The uniqueness of the location:

The advantage of the location of Einstein Concept House is difficult to overestimate. After a short walk, you will find yourself at Khreschatyk or the "Vokzalna" metro station.

But this is far from all, waiting for you:

  1. Various squares and parks near the complex, including Square named after Kosmodemyanska, Botanical Garden named after Fomina and others.
  2. Quick access to the business center of Kyiv and rich infrastructure of the district.
  3. Own recreation area and charging station for electric cars right in the yard.

Undoubtedly, Einstein Concept House has all the attributes of high status and modern life in the capital. Everything is provided here: from comfort and seclusion to high technology and convenient location.

About Einstein Concept House apartments

  • Residential complex was handed over in 2019.
  • The entire "Smart Home" system includes functions of anti-flooding and automatic power-off in case of accidents, as well as SMS notification of problems.
  • The following types of apartments are represented in the complex:
    • One-room apartments - from 46,41 sq. m.
    • Two-room apartments - from 77,1 square meters.
    • Three-room apartments - from 123,24 sq. m.
    • Two-level - from 117,81 square meters.
  • In addition, the use of solar energy is provided inside each apartment for the lighting of common areas and the design of the space.
  • The use of solar energy is also implemented to illuminate the general areas of the LCD.
  • The architectural solution of the complex involves only one building with a height of 9-10 floors.

Address of Einstein Concept House - Kyiv, Shevchenkivskyi district, str. Zlatoustivska, 24. Apartments of various layouts are presented here, from cozy one-room apartments to spacious two-level apartments, in which any design solutions can be implemented. Regardless of the choice, each resident will have access to the unique functions of the "Smart Home" and other advantages of this unique complex.

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