Freedom residential complex

Sale of 3 rooms. Apartments on the street ave. Brovarskoy / ave. Liberators 1a

$239 085

Dniprovsky district

90 m²






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The residential complex "Freedom", implemented by the world-famous developer "Kyivmiskbud", is a new beginning in the development of comfortable housing in the Dnipro district Kyiv. Located at the intersection of Brovarskyi and Vyzvoliteli avenues, this complex combines all the advantages of modern housing and a unique location.

Exclusive features and comfort of the "Freedom" residential complex

Residential complex "Freedom" is a 25-story monolithic frame building of comfort class. From the first to the 25th floor there are apartments, the number of which reaches 519. Each of them is designed with maximum convenience and functionality in mind. Special attention should be paid to the apartments on the top floors, which offer a view of the landscaped Peremoga Park. The residential complex "Freedom" offers a variety of housing options - from one-room to three-room and two-level apartments with a ceiling height of 2,7 meters. You can choose an option for purchase or rent:

  • one-room apartments - From 36,37 sq.m.
  • two-room apartments - from 56,38 sq. m.
  • three-room apartments - from 78,9 square meters.
  • two-level apartments - from 74,67 sq.m.

The architecture of the residential complex "Freedom" is made in a modern style with the use of high-quality materials, mirrored panoramic windows and an original "wavy" facade. These features make the complex not only comfortable for living, but also visually attractive.

The rhythm of life in the Freedom residential complex

Life in the residential complex "Freedom" is a unique experience of living in a modern metropolis. The complex is located in an area with already developed infrastructure, where educational institutions, theaters, restaurants and shops are within walking distance. They provide residents with everything they need for a comfortable and fulfilling city life. Add to this a convenient transport interchange, including proximity to two metro stations, and you get the perfect place to live and develop:

  • 8 minutes walk to the metro stationGift"
  • 14 minutes walk to the metro stationLeft bank"

The residential complex "Freedom" is surrounded by green areas and parks, including Peremogy Park, "Garden of Stones", "Popudrenko" Park and many others. They provide residents with places to relax and enjoy outdoor activities. You can also find a dolphinarium just a 9-minute walk from the house.

Additional amenities include underground parking, a smart home system, a children's playground, and places to relax. The developed social and household infrastructure on the first floor of the complex includes commercial premises and service facilities. Outside of your housing complex, there are also many establishments that can meet your needs:

  • 90 meters to the kindergarten and school
  • 90 meters to the public transport stop
  • 310 meters to the supermarket
  • 340 meters to the pharmacy

Possibility to buy a ready-made apartment in Kyiv in the residential complex "Freedom" attracts many who appreciate the quality of life, convenience and beauty of a modern city. Carefully thought out design, advanced infrastructure and excellent location make this complex the best choice for those looking for their home in the capital of Ukraine.

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