Residential complex Hoffmann Haus

Sale of 3 room. Apartments on the street Zlatoustovskaya 34

$230 000

Shevchenkivskyi district

96.9 m²



Sale of 4 room. Apartments on the street Zlatoustovskaya 34

$550 000

Shevchenkivskyi district

196 m²



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The metropolitan rhythm of life is radically different from the rest. And even more so, if we are talking about the center. Architectural monuments, historical monuments and a special colorful atmosphere do not just surround you, they are literally packed into every street. We offer you to go from walking around the center to a new level - we will help you rent or buy an apartment in the heart of your beloved Kyiv.

The residential complex Hoffmann Haus is located in the center of the Shevchenkiv district. This place has always attracted residents and guests of the capital with its amenities, views and status. The developer added another important plus to this – European quality standards. Consult the experts of the premium real estate agency to experience all their advantages. We will also be happy to help you buy a house inexpensively in Kyiv, so that you can enjoy the solitude and peace of your own plot along with the chic of the capital.

What is hidden behind the original facades of "Hoffmann Haus"

Not only the developer Stolitsa Group, but also specialists from the architectural studio A. Pashenko Architects worked on the creation of the Hoffmann Haus residential complex." Together, they were able to create a unique project that still attracts the attention of passers-by from afar with its unusual forms. The non-standard approach is visible not only outside, but also inside the complex. Different layouts are proof of that. "Hoffmann Haus" has 273 apartments, among which there are:

  • 1-room apartments - from 44,67 m²
  • 2-room apartments - from 67,52 m²
  • 3-room apartments - from 96,53 m²

The construction of the comfort-class residential complex was completed in 2016. Apartments with a ceiling height of 2,7 meters occupy 25 floors. The advantages of such a building size can be felt thanks to panoramic windows, loggias and open balconies, which offer wonderful views of the city.

All roads lead to the center and its amenities

Residents of the residential complex Hoffmann Haus are incredibly lucky with a transport interchange. A few minutes from the house is Beresteysky prospect (formerly Peremohy prospect). Using personal transport, you can get to any part of the city. Speaking of cars, one cannot fail to mention parking for them. Hoffmann Haus has both outdoor and underground parking. The latter is designed for 40 cars. To avoid rush hour, we advise you to switch from the driver's seat to the usual subway sofas from time to time:

Subway station Time on the road
Vokzalna 17 minutes
Luk'yanivska 19 minutes
University 22 minutes
Polytechnic Institute 23 minutes

Numerous educational institutions operate around the residential complex "Hoffmann Haus", among which it is worth mentioning the lyceum named after Molchanova, Polytechnic Lyceum and International Solomon University. One of the important shopping and entertainment centers is the "Ukraine" department store. Polyclinics, banks, cafes and restaurants, as well as other important social infrastructure facilities are located not far from your future home:

  • 180 meters to the public transport stop
  • 220 meters to the supermarket
  • 230 meters to the pharmacy
  • 490 meters to the kindergarten and school

On the territory of the residential complex Hoffmann Haus, facilities are provided for you and your children. Here you will find sports and playgrounds, areas for outdoor recreation. The first floors of the building are set aside for all kinds of commercial premises.

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