Lybid residential complex

Sale of 2 rooms. Apartments on the street Malevicha 89

$165 000

Pechersk district

80 m²






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"Lybid" is not just a residential complex, it is a place where dreams of comfort and a modern lifestyle come true. An excellent location, quality construction techniques and attention to detail make it one of the most attractive options for those who value quality and style. Discover all the limits of Lybid residential complex and start a new chapter in your life. Contact the experts of premium real estate agency THE Capital to buy an apartment in Kiev and start implementing your grandiose plans.

Quality, style and amenities of Lybid residential complex

The residential complex "Lybid" from the developer company "Ukrbud" is a true symbol of comfort in modern architecture. Built in 2016, it is a true work of art in the world of real estate. The status of "business class apartment" promises you an incomparable level of service within the walls of the "Lybid" complex. This 24-story building offers its residents comfort and convenience. To fully immerse yourself in them, you only need to choose one of the 220 apartments:

Panoramic glazing of loggias and windows using the technology known as the "French window". In addition to aesthetic satisfaction, such an architectural solution creates additional room lighting.

  • 1-room apartments - 48,15-49,64 m²
  • 2-room apartments - 68,02-69,82 m²
  • 3-room apartments - from 95,87 m²

The ceiling height in all apartments is 2,7 meters. One of the main features of this residential complex is the large windows and panoramic glazing of the loggias. The "French window" technology makes the facades especially elegant and sophisticated. This is important not only for aesthetic pleasure, but also for additional natural lighting in each room. You will be able to enjoy bright sunny days and wonderful views.

Own universe with center in "Lybid" residential complex

In the residential complex "Lybid" there is a guarded surface parking lot, which provides convenience for all residents. This type of parking allows you to quickly and easily find shelter for the car, making daily movements more comfortable. You will no longer waste time searching for a free space, and your car will always be at hand, ready for use. We won't help you get rid of traffic jams, but you can avoid them thanks to the presence of many metro stations within walking distance:

  • 7 minutes to Palats Ukraina metro station
  • 14 minutes to the metro station "Lybidska"
  • 23 minutes to Demiivska metro station
  • 24 minutes to Olimpiyska metro station

The location of the "Lybid" residential complex will allow you to enjoy not only a transport interchange, but also access to important social infrastructure facilities, such as:

  • 50 meters to the supermarket
  • 84 meters to the pharmacy
  • 85 meters to the public transport stop
  • 130 meters to the kindergarten and school
  • 160 meters to the restaurant
  • 650 meters to "Silpo" supermarket
  • 850 meters to Maria Zankovetska Park
  • 950 meters to Ocean Plaza shopping center

The housing complex "Lybid" is not so simple either. He prepared shopping areas, offices, etc. for his residents. All this splendor occupies the first two floors of the building. Technical premises are located on the third floor. There is a modern playground in the yard, which your kids will definitely like.

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