Residential complex Welcome Home

Sale of 1 room. Apartments on the street Stetsenko 75

$69 000

Svyatoshinsky district

36.9 m²



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Residential complex "Welcome Home" from the developer "Fundament" was built in the Darnytskyi district of the city, at 48 Revutskogo Street. The developer guarantees the correctness of the plans and a reasonable price for the living area. At the moment, it is difficult to find similar housing in the capital, so the experienced specialists of THE Capital will help you. buy an apartment in Kiev.

A new environment

The residential complex consists of two buildings with 27 floors each and is built using monolithic frame technology. The external walls are created using reinforced concrete panels. This decision significantly reduced the cost per square meter. To ensure better thermal insulation, the facades of the building are insulated using mineral wool. This will save heat in the house, reduce heating costs and provide a comfortable stay at any time of the year. There are a total of 641 apartments in the massif, all of them have different layouts:

  • 1-room: 36-43 m²
  • 2-room: 53-67 m²
  • 3-room: 74-84 m²

The social infrastructure in the residential complex consists of a bank, a store, a shopping center, a cafe and a restaurant. All entrance groups to buildings are maximally equipped for different categories of people, especially for those with limited mobility - convenient entrances, descents and ascents are installed. 24-hour video surveillance is responsible for security, there is also high fire safety, the courtyards are closed from outsiders and cars - there is a large surface parking lot for vehicles. Children of all ages will be interested in spending time on specially equipped playgrounds and play areas.

"Welcome Home" - welcome to the idyll

The Darnytskyi district, in which the residential complex is located, is rich in infrastructure facilities:

  • 12-minute walk to Kharkivska and Poznyaki metro stations
  • shops and cafes: Velmart, ATB, Metro, Kozan Divan, Puzata Hata, Kharok Minimall, Varus, Roshen, KFC, Josper&Meat, Guana Coffee ”, “Prostor”
  • medicine: "Omega Vet", "Your dentist", "Akeso", "Amrita"
  • recreation: Vyrlytsia Lake, Poznyaki Park, Lebedyne Lake, Nationalist Warriors Park
  • education: "Intelekt" Lyceum, kindergarten #791, school #316, private kindergarten "Happy Bunny", gymnasium of international relations #323

Welcome Home is a place where all your dreams of a perfect home will come true, because every apartment here is a real oasis of comfort. Investors are presented with a wide range of infrastructure that makes your life as comfortable as possible: parking and guest spaces will provide convenience for car owners, children's playgrounds and green spaces promote active recreation for your family, and the shopping center will be a real find for shopping lovers. When buying an apartment at Welcome Home, you will find the desired comfort. It is here that you will return every day with joy and impatience!

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