Residential complex Zverinetskiy

Rent 3 rooms. Apartments on the street Zverynetskaya 47

$2 500

Pechersk district

122 m²



Rent 4 rooms. Apartments on the street Zverynetskaya 47

$2 500

Pechersk district

190 m²





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The history of Kyiv is rich in events, each of which left its mark on architecture, culture and people themselves. Therefore, living in an ancient historical district is an absolutely unique experience that cannot be expressed in words, but can only be felt. In order to feel the influence of many centuries, to admire the metropolitan landscapes with the passing of time every day and at the same time to live in an ultra-modern complex, you just need to seek help from the experts of the leading real estate agency in Ukraine and Europe - THE Capital. Thanks to our experienced professionals, you will be able to buy an apartment in Kiev. Apartments in the Zverinetskiy club complex in an ecologically clean and historically significant part of the city will appeal to you.

Residential complex "Zverinetskiy" as an important part of the historical district

When creating its next project, the developer company "Zhytlobudinvest" tried its best. Residential complex "Zverinetskiy" became a real embodiment of the concept of "premium class". The only thing that distinguishes it from the traditional understanding of this term is its height. Usually, premium-class housing is low-rise buildings up to 5 stories high, and in this case we see a 9-story handsome man in front of us. The complex was handed over in 2013. Then potential buyers were able to evaluate all 4 sections, designed for 71 apartments, with due enthusiasm.

  • 1-room apartments - from 84,9 m²
  • 2-room apartments - from 101,1 m²
  • 3-room apartments - from 97,5 m²

The ceiling height in all apartments is 3 meters. Functional layouts are designed in such a way that, if necessary, you can give free rein to the inner architect and play with the space by adding or removing walls. The only thing you can't change in the "Zverinetskiy" residential complex is panoramic windows, open balconies and loggias with views of the historic part of the city. Thanks to the presence of individual heating, you will be able to admire the snowy scenery while standing barefoot on the warm floor.

Get to know Zverinetskiy residential complex from the stylobate to the roof

The territory of the residential complex "Zverinetskiy" is under 60-hour security and video surveillance. Underground parking for 5 cars and additional spaces on surface parking will allow you to leave your vehicles when you do not need them. You can reach the city center by car in just XNUMX minutes. A little more time will have to be spent on the road if you prefer public transport:

  • 16 minutes to the metro station "Vydubychi"
  • 20 minutes to the metro station "Zverynetska" (former "Druzhby Narodov")

Not sure how to handle your basic needs in a new place? You definitely don't have to go far for this:

  • 20 meters to the pharmacy
  • 150 meters to the public transport stop
  • 230 meters to the kindergarten and school
  • 300 meters to the sports complex "Sport Life Pechersk"
  • 314 meters to the supermarket
  • 450 meters to the National Botanical Garden named after Grishko

The first floor of the Zverinetskiy residential complex is occupied by commercial premises and a modern sports complex with a swimming pool. For children, there is a colorful playground on the territory, which will not leave even adults indifferent. The highlight of the entire project was its roof. There is an open terrace with deckchairs. You will be able to admire the golden Kiev and get a caramel tan.

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