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Discover Bila Tserkva - a city with many years of history and modern infrastructure, located in the Kyiv region. This city is not only an administrative center Belotserkiv district, but also the economic and cultural center of the entire Moscow economic district. It offers its residents and guests the perfect combination of history, nature and urban comfort.

The historical wealth of Bila Tserkva and its advantageous location on the map of the country

The White Church, founded by Yaroslav the Wise and first mentioned in the Ipatiev Chronicle in 1115, is a living historical museum. The city is famous for its fortress buildings, cultural monuments and archaeological finds. It offers a unique journey into the past, while modern architecture and developed infrastructure make it attractive for a modern lifestyle. The Ros River, the key reservoir of the city, adds new colors to its beauty, dividing the central districts. Speaking of districts, it is worth mentioning the division of Bila Tserkva. It consists of the following parts:

  • Levanevsky massif
  • Pishchany massif
  • Taraschan massif
  • Pionerska microdistrict
  • DPR massif
  • Zareche massif
  • district of the railway village
  • Rotok
  • Vokzalna
  • Center
  • Pavlichenko massif (Staffna)
  • the former military town of Hayek

Bila Tserkva is a convenient place to live and work. Located 80 km south of Kyiv, the city offers easy access to the capital of Ukraine and the international airport in Boryspil. Due to the presence of an extensive network of shuttle taxis and buses, residents can easily move both within the city and far beyond its borders. Transport routes include highways E 95, M 05 and the railway line Fastiv - Myronivka.

Education, leisure, work - the rhythm of life in Bila Tserkva

A developed city is developed in everything, especially when it comes to infrastructure. A large network of educational institutions, a developed medical system and a variety of retail outlets will make your life full and carefree:

  • 9 markets
  • 145 grocery stores
  • 14 household chemicals stores
  • 16 sports shops
  • 46 clothing stores
  • 10 shopping complexes and centers
  • 15 car showrooms
  • 5 driving schools
  • 1 theater (Kyiv Academic Regional Music and Drama Theater named after Panas Saksaganskyi)
  • 36 preschool educational institutions
  • 25 general educational institutions
  • 16 Greatest Initial Mortgages
  • 8 hospitals
  • 10 polyclinics
  • 3 dental polyclinics

In addition to meeting basic needs, Bila Tserkva offers you to expand your worldview and change your usual image in all possible ways:

  • new skills and knowledge: school of modern manicure, schools of foreign languages ​​"Dialog" and "Level Up"
  • barbershops: "Gentlemen of Luck" and "Grizzly"
  • tattoo studios: "VeAn" and "BlackLine TATTOO"
  • outdoor activities: "Modul" paintball club and "Alexandria" arboretum

Whether you are looking for your own home or investment opportunities, Bila Tserkva offers a wide selection of real estate for every taste. In this city, near such places as Mala Vilshanka и Severinivka, you will find the perfect combination of urban civilization and natural tranquility.

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