Real estate in n.p. Boyarka


$195 000

Kyiv region
Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district

154 m²

8.5 cells




House for rent, 165 m², 7 acres, Boyarka

$138 000

Kyiv region
Fastivsky district

165 m²

7 cells



$215 000

Kyiv region
Fastivsky district

284 m²

13 cells


Houses for sale in Tarasovka and Boyarka

$970 000

Kyiv region
Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district

300 m²

24 cells


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Boyarka settlement is located in Fastiv district of Kyiv region. Settlements are of particular interest Bobritsya и Tarasivka - attractive plots of land and houses are located here.

Why should you invest?

Boyarka infrastructure:

  • stores: "Fora", "Builder", "White House", "Natalka", "Vatsak", "ATB"
  • subway: "Teremky", "racetrack", "Exhibition Center"
  • recreation complexes: "Boyarskyi dvor", "Villa Vita", "Banny Club"

Boyarka first of all attracts with its natural beauty. Investing in real estate in this settlement is not only a profitable investment, but also a chance to create your own cozy corner. Here you can build your dream residence surrounded by green landscapes and clean air.

Thanks to its strategic location, the town offers easy access to the main transport arteries connecting with Kyiv and other key points of the region.

The real estate prospects here are due to the growing demand for housing in suburban areas. This ensures a stable increase in real estate and land prices, making investment in the settlement particularly attractive. In addition, the investment climate here promotes the development of infrastructure, which further increases the attractiveness of this place for living and recreation.

Building your residence here means creating an ideal place to live, combining seclusion with nature and proximity to city amenities. The village offers a wide range of possibilities for construction: from modern ecological housing to traditional homesteads, everyone will find something for themselves here.

It is also worth paying attention to the unique opportunity to arrange your home in the town. You get complete freedom of choice in terms of design and architecture of your future home. This place is ideal for those who want to realize their most daring, creative ideas in construction.

You will be given the opportunity to choose the style of your residence, be it a modern chic villa, a traditional cottage or an exclusive design project. You can arrange your living space taking into account all your preferences, needs, including advanced smart home technologies, ecological materials and energy-efficient solutions.

In addition, real estate in Boyarka provides enough space to create a wonderful landscape design. You can arrange the garden of your dreams, build a swimming pool, or create a cozy place for outdoor recreation. Your home in the village can become not just a place to live, but also a personal refuge, where every detail reflects your individual style and taste.

Thus, the village of Boyarka offers a unique chance to create an ideal living space that fully meets your personal preferences and dreams.

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