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$325 000

Kyiv region
Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district

306 m²

12.67 cells


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The settlement of Dzvinkove is a settlement in Vasylkivskyi district of Kyiv region. It is located very close to Kievwhich provides incredible prospects for arranging your life.

A calm rhythm of life

Infrastructure, e.g. Call:

  • recreation complexes: "NNVC Dzvonkovsky", "Perlyna Dzvonkovsky", "Dogoda", "Agrarian Republic"
  • gastronomy: "Hut of the Forester", "Kofia", "Yablunivski Sady"
  • metro: "Teremky", "Akademmistechko", "Zhytomyr”, “Hippodrome”, “Svyatoshin”

Dzvinkove, a colorful village in the Kyiv region, is an ideal place for those who dream of building their own house. Here, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can realize your dream of owning your own home, choosing the right land for this purpose, which meets your most diverse preferences and needs.

Imagine a home designed with all your wishes in mind. In Dzvonkovo, you have the opportunity to choose a plan that perfectly suits your lifestyle - whether it is a spacious family residence or a cozy house for two. Local developers offer various options: from classic to modern, from minimalist to luxury. In each of them, comfort and functionality, as well as aesthetics, are thought out.

In addition, the village offers a unique opportunity to furnish your new home with the most modern and premium appliances and furniture. Here you will find a wide range of products from the world's leading brands that will help you create the home of your dreams. From elegant kitchen sets to innovative smart home systems, all this is available for residents of the settlement who seek comfort and luxury.

Living here, you also get the advantage of beautiful nature and tranquility, ideal for family life or a secluded holiday. Fresh air, green meadows and closeness to nature make this settlement especially attractive for those who are looking for seclusion from the city bustle, but want to remain within reach of Kyiv.

It is also worth noting that due to its location in the Kyiv region, Dzvinkove attracts entrepreneurs interested in local business development.

One of the promising directions is the development of tourist infrastructure. The village's picturesque scenery and proximity to nature provide excellent opportunities for the creation of resorts, hotels, spa centers and campsites. It is an ideal place for those who want to offer a unique vacation in a cozy, ecologically clean environment.

In addition, the village provides opportunities for the development of agriculture. Fertile lands and a favorable climate make it suitable for growing various crops, opening farms or producing organic products. This can become the basis for a business focused on healthy food and environmental cleanliness.

Another area for investment is construction and real estate. The increasing demand for housing in environmentally friendly areas, as well as interest in the construction of individual houses, provide significant opportunities for developers and investors. Investments in the construction of residential complexes, private houses or townhouses in this settlement can bring stable income and strengthen the economic situation of the region.

Leave an application today and the experts of the premium agency THE Capital will select for you the best real estate option in the Dzvinkove settlement.

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