Real estate in n.p. Hurivshchyna


$990 000

Kyiv region
Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district

500 m²

25 cells



$690 000

Kyiv region
Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district

244 m²

17 cells


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The picturesque village of Hurivshchyna is included Buchanskyi district of Kyiv region. Founded in 1735, it has preserved its historical atmosphere and traditions. At the moment, the entire settlement covers an area of ​​4,738 km². Hurivshchyna, which belongs to the Dmitrivska village community, is part of the historical and ethnographic region of the Middle Dnieper. The rich historical heritage of the village is related to its geographical location and cultural ties. This area is full of legends and natural sights, so many tourists and investors head here to learn more about their native country and settle in one of its best parts.

Infrastructure and cultural heritage of Huriv Oblast

The village offers its guests and residents several cafes with traditional Ukrainian cuisine and delicacies from world cuisines. A special place in the settlement is occupied by the Orthodox Church of the Assumption, which is the spiritual center of the community and a landmark architectural monument. Hurivshchyna is proud of its unique infrastructure, which includes all the necessary facilities and institutions to meet basic needs:

  • district hospital
  • pharmacy
  • library
  • club
  • mail
  • stores
  • shopping areas
  • a cafe

The key attraction of the village is "Victoria Film Studios" - a film studio with modern equipment and many real-life sites, which, despite its closed status for visitors, is an important part of the cultural life of the Huriv region. Recording and postproduction studios, various equipment and props for motion pictures are located on 36 hectares. The whole area is divided into several thematic zones, which masterfully depict the river and the lake, the old town and the village, as well as the field and even the prison. It is impossible not to notice the film studio - its entrance is guarded by cult characters from the film masterpieces "Predator" and "Alien".

Unique location as a key advantage of Huriv Oblast

The village has developed transport links with the capital, neighboring cities and other settlements. It includes a bus connection to the nearest villages and the district center, which provides access to a wider range of services and opportunities for the local population. Given the proximity to Buche and other settlements of Buchansky district, residents of Huriv Oblast can take advantage of the developed infrastructure of the neighboring territories. As well as another settlement located in the neighborhood - Spitki. All these aspects emphasize the favorable location of the Huriv Oblast and the availability of basic amenities that make it an attractive choice for living in the countryside.

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