Real estate in n.p. Linden Skitok


$230 000

Kyiv region
Vasylkivsky district

300 m²

20 cells


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The village of Lypoy Skitok Vasylkiv district Kyiv region. Settlement Bobritsya located very close, has a wide selection of profitable real estate objects.

beauty in simplicity

Lypoy Skitok has various social facilities:

  • retail outlets: "ST Danylivske", "Ocean", "Stolyar", "Fora"
  • metro: "Teremky", "Ipodrom", "Vistavkovy center"
  • recreation areas: "Fish Park", "Verkhovyna", "Zabrody", Bobrytsia beach, "Grizzly Club"

Lypoi Skitok is famous for its wonderful beaches. Sandy shores, washed by clean waters, create ideal conditions for summer recreation. The village's beaches are well-kept and safe, which makes them attractive for family vacations. Here you can not only enjoy sunbathing, but also engage in water sports such as windsurfing and kayaking.

There are also various recreation complexes that offer a wide range of services for an ideal vacation. Hotels and resort areas offer comfortable accommodation, restaurants with exquisite cuisine and spa centers for complete relaxation. Special attention is paid to family recreation, playgrounds and entertainment programs are provided for children.

N.P. Lime Skitok is decorated with picturesque landscapes that are ideal for hiking and cycling. Tourists can explore the local forests and fields, enjoying the fresh air and natural beauty. Excursions and outdoor activities are organized here, including fishing and picnics.

In addition, the village opens up wide opportunities for business and investment. One of the key areas for commerce in the settlement is tourism and entertainment. Thanks to its beautiful nature and unique culture, the area is an excellent place for the development of hotel business, opening of cafes, restaurants and entertainment complexes. The possibility of creating excursion routes, theme parks and cultural and historical centers is also of great interest to investors.

Agriculture remains one of the important spheres in the village of Lypovy Skytok. Investments in the cultivation of organic products, the development of farms and ecologically clean production can bring significant profits. A promising direction is the creation of ecotours and educational programs about agriculture and sustainable development.

The village's real estate market offers unique opportunities. The development of residential and commercial real estate, taking into account the growing interest in the settlement as a place of rest and permanent residence, is a promising direction. The construction of cottage villages, apartments and shopping centers can be a profitable investment.

The village of Lypovy Skitok is an ideal place for living and developing commercial activities.

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