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Kyiv region
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Nestheriv is an idyllic village in Ukraine, which is located in Ukraine. Obukhiv district of Kyiv region. It is considered a real pearl of historical and cultural heritage. With a permanent population of over 300 inhabitants, this place embodies coziness and tradition, dating back to the first written mention of the village at the beginning of the XNUMXth century. Nescherov, with its rich historical past, which includes events related to Tatar raids and a customs town of the XNUMXth century, offers a unique combination of ancient history and advanced modernity. THE Capital prides itself on its ability to find unique solutions for each client, using advanced technology and innovative marketing strategies to ensure the best results. Reliability, professionalism and dedication to the interests of clients make THE Capital an ideal choice for those looking for quality services in the real estate market.

Modern life and transport accessibility of Nescherov

Modern life in Nescherov is combined with convenient access to large cities. Shuttle taxis run regularly from Vydubychi metro station to Nescherov, providing easy access to city amenities. Public transport runs regularly - a shuttle bus arrives every 15-20 minutes, ready to take you to your favorite capital:

  • route taxi No. 309
  • route taxi No. 310

An important cultural monument is the Transfiguration Hermitage of the Holy Trinity Ionian Monastery with a church built in 1794. This iconic object adds a special spiritual touch to the village. In the settlement of Nescheriv there are not only architectural masterpieces, but also natural attractions. The village has a tract of Goshchiv - a hydrological reserve of local importance. It is a wetland with an incredible amount of shades of green, with bright flowers and enchanting scenery.

The attractiveness of Nescherov in the eyes of its residents

The developed infrastructure of the settlement of Nescheriv is represented by a large number of grocery and food stores, pharmacies, entertainment locations in the fresh air and indoors, catering establishments with dishes from various cuisines of the world, and other establishments. Local residents and guests of the village unanimously call the "Nature Snail" pond farm one of the most favorite locations. Here you can observe the measured rhythm of life of these tiny creatures and taste real culinary delicacies.

Located near such settlements as Tarasivka и old Bezradichi, Nescherov offers a unique combination of a peaceful village life with the conveniences and accessibility of a big city. This makes it an attractive place for both living and real estate investment.

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