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Obukhivsky district

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Obukhiv is a unique city of regional significance in Ukraine, which became such a city on July 10, 2010. Located in the picturesque valley of the Kobrynka River, just 45 km from the capital Kyiv, this city is the administrative center. Obukhiv district. Obukhov is distinguished by its unique combination of natural beauty and developed infrastructure, thanks to which it is considered particularly attractive for both residents and tourists. Experts THE Capital also offer to familiarize yourself with the available options in nearby settlements, such as old Bezradichi и Pluty.

The advantageous location of Obukhov and the advantages of its transport junction

Obukhov has a developed transport system that includes buses and shuttle taxis that connect it with the capital and other cities and towns. This provides a convenient and accessible message both within the city and beyond:

  • 13 city buses
  • 14 suburban route taxis
  • 10 intercity buses

One of the key advantages of Obukhov is its strategically advantageous location. The city is located a short distance from Kyiv, which provides easy access to the capital's amenities and business opportunities, while maintaining solitude and peace away from the city bustle. Thanks to its proximity to the Trypillia-Dniprovske railway station, the city has excellent transport accessibility, which makes it attractive for both business and tourism. This unique combination of country coziness and proximity to a large metropolis makes Obuhiv an ideal place for living, working and relaxing.

  • 10 kilometers to the Trypillya-Dniprovske railway station
  • 45 kilometers to the regional center
  • 45 kilometers to Kyiv

Obukhov City Council consists of two picturesque settlements: the village of Tatsenko and the village of Lendy. This city is an example of how modern conveniences can be harmoniously combined with traditional Ukrainian culture and natural landscapes.

Infrastructural diversity of Obukhov

The developed infrastructure is one of the notable features of Obukhov, which makes it a comfortable and convenient living environment. The city boasts a large network of various shops, which provides its residents with a wide selection of products for every taste. Obukhiv also offers a wide selection of catering establishments, household services, convenient market spaces and chain markets. The medical infrastructure includes everything you need so that you never complain about your well-being. In addition, the city offers a variety of sports and leisure activities, including sports fields, stadiums and swimming pools, ensuring an active and healthy lifestyle for its residents. The developed infrastructure of Obukhov will be a pleasant surprise for you:

  • 125 grocery stores
  • 196 non-food stores
  • 78 catering establishments
  • 113 household service establishments
  • 3 markets ("Obuhivsky market", "Obuhivsky fair")
  • 10 chain stores ("Welmart", "Silpo", "ATB", "Bzhylka", "Nash Kray", "Foxtrot", "Comfi", "Watsons", "Instrument Center", "Prostor", "Dnipro-M ")
  • 14 private dental offices
  • 1 city center of primary health care
  • 26 pharmacies
  • 4 medical centers (“Androcentr”, “Medoglyad+”, “Adonis”, “Yunona”)
  • 29 sports grounds
  • 3 stadiums
  • 3 shooting ranges
  • 2 swimming pools

Obukhov is also famous for its educational institutions. The city supports the active cultural and sports development of youth:

  • 7 kindergartens (“Dudarik”, “Katrusia”, “Zirochka”, “Rainbow”, “Firefly”, “Prolisok”, “Rushnychok”)
  • 3 secondary schools
  • 1 gymnasium named after V. Melnyka
  • 2 lyceums (No. 1 named after O. S. Malyshka, No. 3)
  • 1 sports school
  • 1 art school
  • 1 city center of creativity of children, youth and youth "Romantyk"

Obukhov's natural attractions add to its special attractiveness and uniqueness. One of the most famous natural wonders is the Tatsenkovy giant oaks, which are majestic age-old trees that symbolize the power and beauty of Ukrainian nature. Long-lived oak is another pride of this region. The client "Hora Pedina" and the park zone "Memorial Alley of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred" carry a deep historical and cultural meaning. These natural corners offer residents and visitors of the city the opportunity to enjoy the silence and beauty of nature, as well as to pay tribute to important historical events.

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