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$160 000

Kyiv region
Vasylkivsky district

295 m²

25 cells


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Ustimovka, located in picturesque surroundings Belotserkovsky district, Kyiv region, is a unique settlement that combines the traditions of the past and the comfort of modern village life. This village, part of the Kovalevskaya rural community, offers its residents and visitors tranquility and natural beauty, while being close to the capital's amenities.

Ustimovka: a picturesque corner of the Belotserkovsky district

The South-Western Railway running along the eastern side of the village connects Ustimovka with cities such as Fastov and Bila Tserkva, providing convenient transport links within the Kyiv region. The highway directly connects Ustimovka with Goloseevsky district capital, making access to city amenities even easier. Convenient transportation includes public transport, including a metro station “Teremki" The general journey to the center of Kyiv takes no more than an hour and a half:

  • nearest railway station: “Ustimovka”
  • nearest metro station: “Teremki”

The rich history and cultural heritage immortalized in monuments and memorial plaques tell the story of the rich past of the settlement of Ustimovka. Developed social infrastructure includes a school, kindergarten, shop and hairdresser. The picturesque natural landscapes along the Kamenka River, creating ideal conditions for outdoor recreation, attract numerous investors and tourists.

Advantages of living in Ustimovka

By choosing Ustimovka to live or invest in real estate, you get not only a picturesque place to live, but also a unique opportunity to enjoy a quiet life in a cozy locality, while maintaining direct access to the infrastructure of a big city. Among the advantages of this locality it is worth noting:

  • Convenient transport links with Kiev and nearby cities, including access to the Teremki metro station
  • opportunities for education and development due to the presence of secondary schools and kindergartens in the village
  • rich cultural and natural heritage of the settlement
  • ecologically clean area

Ustimovka attracts those who are looking for harmony with nature and the silence of country life, without wanting to give up the advantages of urban infrastructure. This settlement is ideal for young families seeking to provide their children with a healthy and active life, as well as for everyone who appreciates the beauty and tranquility of Ukrainian nature.

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