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Kyiv region
Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district

327 m²

17 cells




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Zaborya, a picturesque village in Boyarska urban territorial community Fastiv district of the Kyiv region, attracts with its unique nature, rich history and friendly inhabitants. With a population of over 1, this settlement is the perfect combination of relaxed country life and proximity to urban amenities. It can be a great place to invest in residential or rental property.

Historical heritage and natural beauty of Zaboria

Zabirya, located on the banks of the Bobrytsia River, is rich in natural and historical sights. The history of the village goes back centuries. The settlement is famous for its forests, where majestic wild animals lived in the past, and the river, on the banks and in the clear waters of which you could meet turtles, many species of fish and crayfish. Evidence of the presence of Scythian tribes, including ancient burial mounds, was also found here. Our ancestors chose this place for a reason, so we recommend that you follow their example and learn more about the wonderful Zabirya.

The settlement is only an hour's drive from the center of Kyiv, which is why it is especially appreciated by those who work or study in the capital. The village is surrounded by picturesque landscapes that offer ideal conditions for nature and history lovers. The past of Zaboria, reflected in its landscapes and cultural monuments, makes it particularly attractive for residents and tourists.

Infrastructure and sports life of Zaborya

Despite its rather small population, Zaborya offers a developed infrastructure, providing a comfortable life for all its residents. The village is proud of its Neptune Stadium, where local football teams play matches, including the Zaborya and Victoria clubs. This contributes to the development of sports and leisure among the local population. As for other infrastructure facilities, a wide selection of educational institutions, developed trade infrastructure and other things are at your service:

  • Secondary School
  • grocery and food stores
  • "Behemoth" training center
  • grocery store "Edelweiss"
  • cafe-bar "Centr"
  • Neptune Stadium
  • organic farm
  • post office

Our real estate agency offers a wide range of housing options in Zaborya. This settlement, where history, nature and modern comfort merge together, is ideal for those looking for peace. Neighboring villages are like Bobritsya, Zhornivka и Princes, will also be great for this purpose. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the available options of real estate for rent and sale, so that among hundreds of offers you can find the same one that will become the embodiment of all your hopes and dreams.

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