Метро Chervony Khutir

Sale 1 room Apartments on the street. Mikoli Vingranovsky 2

$59 500

Darnytskyi district

48 m²



Sale of 1 room. Apartments on the street Kharkiv highway 19 A

$100 000

Dniprovsky district

88 m²



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Tranquility, peace, silence, absence of unnecessary objects and strangers... All this can be obtained not only in a private house, but also in your own apartment, if you choose a place wisely. The "Chervony Khutir" metro station exactly meets all the stated criteria. The most iconic complexes in this area can be called "Magic City" and "Olympic Park". In addition to them, there are other impressive objects that promise you unearthly pleasure and European quality. To find out about them and choose a suitable object, contact THE Capital. If you like the resort atmosphere and the sound of the surf, we've got you covered buy an apartment in Obolon, so that all your breakfasts with a cup of coffee are accompanied by views of the Dnipro.

"Chervonny Khutir" is a place where you manage every stage of your life

Nothing makes life easier than a convenient transport interchange. No matter what area of ​​the capital it is about, it is very important to be able to comfortably get to your favorite office or place of study. You won't be able to get rid of daily trips to the desired location, but you can definitely make sure that they are not too burdensome. Living near the "Chervony Khutir" metro station, you get the chance not only to explore Kyiv by driving your own car, but also to travel around the capital's districts by underground or surface public transport:

  • main streets: st. Staroboryspilska, str. Mykola Khvylovoi
  • nearby metro stations: "Boryspilska"
  • buses: 51, 63
  • shuttle taxis: 503, 516

What else do you get when you buy or renting apartments in the neighborhood of the metro station "Chervony Khutir"? The presence of a huge number of social infrastructure objects! You will be able to receive quality education and medical care, develop your creative abilities and interests, relax and spend your free time in comfortable conditions. New social connections and acquaintances with interesting people will also become a regular part of your life. And all thanks to the fact that next to the house you will find all this splendor:

  • 1 dental polyclinic
  • 2 ATMs
  • 2 hospitals
  • 2 polyclinics
  • 5 supermarkets
  • 20 grocery stores
  • 50 shops (clothes, appliances, shoes, other)

Household takes up a large part of life. The "Chervony Khutir" metro station will make sure that everyday issues are resolved in a matter of minutes, and unforeseen difficulties bypass you.

While the kids are gnawing on the granite of science, you can nibble on something tastier

What is the benefit of having an educational institution near the house? The answer is obvious! Your children will be able to improve their academic performance, develop creative skills and learn to adapt to society more easily. All this becomes possible due to the fact that the journey to the nearest school or kindergarten from the "Chervony Khutir" metro station will take no more than a few minutes:

  • 6 kindergartens
  • 10 schools

You should not forget about leisure time, because it is an excellent way to at least slightly restore the psyche, which was not jokingly shaken thanks to your favorite work. In addition to reducing the level of stress, the presence of places for exciting pastime within walking distance from the house will give you the opportunity to improve physical health, develop creative abilities, and strengthen social ties. Where should you look for oases of peace and sources of inspiration if you decide to settle near the "Chervony Khutir" metro station? Start with the base locations:

  • 1 бар
  • 1 fast food
  • 3 parks

A breath of fresh air will fill your chest in the spaces of Partizanska Slava Park, Mykyl Forest or Hovanka Park. All these locations are located near the "Chervony Khutir" metro station. Enjoy, gentlemen!

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