Метро Lisova


$220 000

Desnyansky district

166 m²

5 cells




Room for sale Apartments on the street 32 Radistov

$140 000

Desnyansky district

78 m²



$485 000

Desnyansky district

297 m²

10 cells




Sale of 3 rooms. Apartments on the street

$145 000

Brovary district

100.8 m²



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Real estate transactions contain many opportunities and prospects. Buying an apartment will turn out for you to be a union with the active atmosphere of the metropolis, and house rent will be the first step to moving out of the city, which you could not decide on for so long. Don't be afraid to realize your dreams and discover something new for yourself. Start from Livoberezhna metro station. It hides a lot of things that you could not even think about.

Conditions for living and traveling in Lisova

People who live near a transport interchange can get to work, school and other important places faster and easier for obvious reasons. You will not have to make complicated routes and transfer from one transport to another because the most comfortable way has already been invented for you. Avid motorists and humble pedestrians, proud owners of two-wheeled iron horses and plastic metro cards, rejoice:

  • main streets: Brovarsky prospect, St. Kubanska Ukraina (former Marshala Zhukov St.), St. Kyoto, str. Powder
  • nearby metro stations: "Desna"
  • buses: 10, 11, 11D, 33, 79, 81
  • trams: 8, 28, 29, 32, 35
  • trolleybuses: 37, 37А

If a sore throat and other symptoms of various diseases do not overwhelm us so often, then there is nowhere to go from banal hunger. In both the first and second cases, the solution to all problems is the richness of the social infrastructure. The availability of all the necessary facilities within walking distance of the "Lisova" metro station will allow you to cope with a cold and dinner just as quickly:

  • 5 polyclinics (1 children's, 4 adults)
  • 5 dental clinics
  • 7 supermarkets
  • 11 post offices
  • 11 beauty salons
  • 16 pharmacies
  • 18 banks
  • 20 hairdressers
  • 36 ATMs
  • 87 clothing stores

Would you like to learn more about life near the Lisova metro station? Contact THE Capital to satisfy your curiosity and find your dream home.

Amenities of the metropolis on Lisovy

Young parents, as well as diligent grandparents who live near the Lisova metro station, will be able to significantly simplify their lives. And all thanks to the fact that near your house there will be educational institutions for children of different ages and temperaments.

  • 6 kindergartens
  • 7 schools (6 secondary schools, 1 lyceum)
  • 1 college
  • 5 Greatest Initial Mortgages

You should not forget about yourself. A decent rest will help you regain strength and relieve tension, both physical and emotional. Take care of your loved ones today so that your psycho-emotional state will thank you tomorrow. The following institutions are perfect for this:

  • 1 sauna
  • 1 gym
  • 1 stadium
  • 2 fitness clubs
  • 2 beaches
  • 2 cinemas
  • 8 parks
  • 9 restaurants
  • 14 bars
  • 60 cafes

THE Capital cares about the welfare of its clients. Together with us, you will be able to profitably invest your savings to take the long-awaited step to a new level.

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