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Rent 3 rooms. Apartments on the street Pushkinskaya 25

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Shevchenkivskyi district

109 m²



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The "Teatralna" metro station is located in the Shevchenkiv district of Kyiv. It was opened on November 6, 1987 under the name "Leninska". The current name has been in effect since February 2, 1993, from those located near the National Academic Drama Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka and the National Opera of Ukraine. Passenger flow — 17,8 thousand people/day.

High art

The station houses the most important infrastructure facilities:

  • restaurants: "Musafir", "Mushlya", "Zmist", "Egersund Seafood", "Pizza Pich", "Nespresso", "Kisa Bar& ;Natyurlich", "Lvivski Plyatski", "Salateira", "Bilyy Naliv", " Mamamia"
  • stores: "Intersport", "Cover", "Tsygarny Dim Fortuna", "Grand Prix", "Backstage", "Flowerbag", "Staleks& Brands Outlet", "Paparazzi", Bessarabian market, TSUM
  • attractions: Museum of History of Kyiv, National Museum of Literature of Ukraine, Monument to Mykhailo Hrushevskyi, Museum of Pavlo Tychyna, National Museum of Taras Shevchenko, Kyiv Art Gallery, Golden Gate, Volodymyr Cathedral, "Pinchuk Art Centre", House with a Star
  • transport: 10 minutes by metro to the Left Bank, 20 minutes to the end stations of all branches

Become the owner of an apartment in the center of the capital

As an investor, you've probably heard about investing in real estate and may have considered different options. Let's consider why investments in residential space at the "Teatralna" metro station in Kyiv - ndash; this is a smart and profitable solution.

Residential complexes are available for purchase:

  • "Kyiv Proekt City Space"
  • "Krauss Gallery"
  • “Linden Luxury Residences”
  • Arch House
  • "H-Tower"

The station is located in the very center of Kyiv, which makes this area extremely attractive for investment. You will invest your money in an object that will always be in the center of attention and is in high demand among both local residents and tourists. The place next to the "Teatralna" metro literally breathes history and culture. There are numerous theaters, galleries, museums and other cultural centers here, everything lives and breathes art here.

The Shevchenkiv district offers a variety of entertainment options. You will always find places here where you can spend the evening in a cozy atmosphere and enjoy dishes from different cuisines. There are also large malls and shops near this metro station.

Investing in real estate in the Teatralna metro area can be your path to financial independence. The demand for housing in the city center is constantly increasing, and therefore will give you the opportunity not only to preserve your capital, but also to increase it. The target audience interested in apartments are successful entrepreneurs and students. Investing in metro real estate is made easier by the presence of professional management companies. They can help you take care of the apartment, ensuring maximum profit and minimizing costs.

Own apartments have always been one of the most stable and reliable assets. Buying residential space in the Teatralna metro station will provide your portfolio with long-term stability and security.

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