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Object code: 315917347547
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Zagalna Square
1150 m²
Number of rooms
2 rooms
Object description

The new warehouse with a handy place of distribution, Pogreby village, 5 kilometers from Kiev, is being presented. A great ride to the great Maidan.

The height of the warehouse is 7,2 m to the bottom of the beam
Frame - precast reinforced concrete
External walls – Sandwich panels 80 mm PIR
Roof - PVC membrane, 150mm minwata
Floor – Industrial with doping (load 5t/m)
Gates - Modular, insulated with electric drive (4.1x3,42)
Windows – double-glazed windows with electric drive REHAU
Entrance door - External, metal, insulated

Level - At the level of 4,8 m from the floor of the production premises
Floor - For finishing
Internal partitions - Aerated concrete, red brick
Windows - Metal-plastic with two-chamber glazing and pitachamber profiles (REHAU)
Stairs – Concrete, 3-way
Heating is electric

Electricity - 50 kW, 3 phases
Water - Own well
Facade lighting - 3 sides
Fire protection system - According to regulatory documents

The area of ​​the warehouse is 1000 m2
The area of ​​the office premises is 130 m2
kitchen - 15 m2
bathroom - 5m2
Poverkhiv (Mezzanine)
1 (2)

The area of ​​the plot is 19 acres

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5 895



1150 m²

2 rooms


ID: 315917347547
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