Sale of 5 rooms. Apartments on the street Akhmatovoy/Grygorenko 22/20, CAP-315917341679

Object code: 315917341679
260 000


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Zagalna Square
265 m²
Number of rooms
5 rooms
Object description

Penthouse (housing stock), at once 2 new offices with adjacent entrances on the 23rd and 24th sides.

The elevator rises to the top of the penthouse.

- The area of ​​the penthouse is 265 m2.

- Each office is 133 m2

- Open space - 41m2

- Cabinet - 15 m2

– Director’s office – 12m2,

- The room is large - 11 m2

- The apartment is small - 5m2

- Kitchen 14 m2 (furniture, table, bar stools, refrigerator, electric stove, microwave oven), 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies.

Each office is equipped with air conditioning, LED lighting, and internet connection by office. Heat and water meters. Electricity meter general additional electricity. counter at each office.

The renovation was carried out in modern European style. Color scheme of black-white-gray with elements of pure concrete.

A great investment for those who are involved in dividing a large apartment into smart (or one-room) apartments (perhaps divided into 6 or 8 smart apartments).

Before the war, net rental income was $3.150/month. Payback is less than 8 rocks! As an option for buyers (for renting space), you live on the 24th floor, rent the 23rd on top!

There are more than 3 documents (the housing stock, there are no more meetings between offices in the middle of the apartment).

View from the offices Centre place, on Pechersk.

There are more than 3 documents (housing stock). View from the window to the center of the city, to Pechersk. Метро Poznyaks – 15 hvilin pishki.

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260 000



265 m²

5 rooms


ID: 315917341679
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