House for sale 120m², 9 acres, Velyka Bugaivka, CAP-315917339851

Object code: 315917339851
110 000


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Zagalna Square
120 m²
Area of ​​the site
9 cells
Number of rooms
3 rooms
Object description

35 km to the center of Kiev, right between Odessa and Novoobuhiv highway.

The best place for a comfortable life is in order with nature.

Dilyanka – 9 acres

Area - 120 m2

Floor area - 2 floors

There are 6 rooms, 3 of them are residential.

Additional information about the object:

System of additional wall insulation (gas block, brick) - foam, mesh, soil, plaster, exterior finishing (decorative plaster, clinker, thermal board)

Ceiling height: 1st floor - 3 m (tile floor), 2nd floor - 2 m (laminate floor)

The tops are covered with marching gatherings.

The floor is a reinforced concrete slab, horizontal waterproofing between the foundation, the building and the floors

Pokrivlya - soft (roofing felt), canopy pokrivlya with a 200 mm insulation system.

Electricity – power of 16 kW per household

Gas supply and connection - $2500 extra.

From the terrace of the cottage there is a view of the clear lake, where you can swim, ride on the water or ribality.

The order of malovnichі pommel with a height of scales up to 30 meters.

In the village, the same social infrastructure has been developed. Near the best accessibility to the center of Bugaivka there are: a kindergarten, a school, a mini-market, a medical organization, a post office.

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110 000



120 m²

3 rooms


ID: 315917339851
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