House for sale 135m², 6 acres, Oseshchyna, CAP-315917335372

Object code: 315917335372
156 000


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Zagalna Square
135 m²
Area of ​​the site
6 cells
Number of rooms
4 rooms
Object description

Sales of a booth, Mizhrichcha village. Oseshchina, Vishgorod district.

Sale of a house in the village. Oseshchina, Vyshgorod district.

Zagalna area 135m.

Pobedovovaniya with ceramic block, veneering with a whole.

Dilyanka 6 acres.

3 bedrooms nearby.

Burned with a solid-fired or electric boiler.

Rivna village with black soil.

Canopy for 2 cars.

The barbecue area is well laid out.

Sold with furniture and used appliances.

Budynok is located in a quiet, peaceful place not far from Kiev.

There is an asphalt road leading up to the booth. Entrust the lake and river Desna.

Close the cottage. A park and walking area is being developed.

A children's garden and school.

A quiet and peaceful place to live.

The area has a good social and commercial infrastructure. Є supermarkets, cafes and restaurants.

To Kiev 15-20th century.


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156 000



135 m²

4 rooms


ID: 315917335372
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