House for sale 200m², 17 acres, Khodosivka, CAP-315917338046

Object code: 315917338046
225 000


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Zagalna Square
200 m²
Area of ​​the site
17 cells
Number of rooms
4 rooms
Object description

Sales of a 2-surface booth in the village. Khodosivka, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district.

Sale of a 2-storey house in the village. Khodosovka, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district.

A booth on a closed individual territory that is being protected, as well as: removal of waste, organization of snow removal from the closed territory,

A place for people who value privacy.

The area of ​​the plot is 18 acres, preserved pine, oak and birch trees, lawn.

Zagalna square budinka - 200 meters.

Electrical 18 kW (3 phases).

The wall material is arbolite, external insulation is façade thermal panels.

The plaster is cement-pasted.

Yes, metal tiles, Rockwool insulation, Roto attic windows.

The height of the room is 3 meters, the attic is perfectly planned on top.

Rehau windows 7 chambers, sliding glass package.

The warmth of the lining throughout the entire area of ​​the booth.

Proper electrical installation, water supply, sewerage, internal Internet connections.

Metal doors are insulated with thermal protection

Sverdlovina 68 m, flow rate 2 cubic meters/year.

Overflow septic tank 12 cubic meters.

Geopoli under heat pump (4 drills of 65 meters each), rozrakhunke sozhivannya e.e. up to 2 kW

Come for automatic watering with piece water. At the back of the plot there are all communications, electricity, water, internet, for a guest cabin/sauna/barbecue area.

It is possible to install an electric sauna near the first floor.

All materials are environmentally friendly, the cabin is even warmer, technical equipment has been verified.

Repair is complete, including all electrical, heat, internet, water connections.

Quiet locality, paved road, closed area, what is being protected, current neighbors.


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225 000



200 m²

4 rooms


ID: 315917338046
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