House for sale 290.2m², 12 acres, Kyiv, CAP-315917349331

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Zagalna Square
290.2 m²
Area of ​​the site
12 cells
Number of rooms
4 rooms
Object description

Sales of 2-overhead booth, River Island, p. Gnidin, Boryspilsky.

Sale of a 2-storey house, River Island, village. Gnedin, Borispolsky.

Today's budinok, on the birch of the Dnieper, near the new cottage town of River Island

Cottage town, premium class, River Island, built in the Boryspil district of the Kiev region. Just 25 hills from the center, or 7 km. near Mykolay Bazhan Avenue. To decorate the complex, a landscape design was used, as well as designated areas for adults, children and sports squares. Regardless of the distance from the place, the infrastructure in the area includes everything necessary: ​​private gardens and schools, shops, cafes and country clubs for a calm and active lifestyle.

Metro stations are 10-15 minutes away by car Славутич, Mushrooms and Poznyaks. You can get there by public transport - it’s only 5 miles away.

The booth is made from high-quality materials.

Foundation: reinforced concrete slab 330mm "pie" (60cm sand, 20cm crushed stone, preparation 1cm reinforced reinforced concrete slab 2 meshes)

Walls: ceramic block 380mm, internal ceramic block, partitions 120mm.

Stele height 3,2 meters

Monolithic overlap of the 1st and 2nd surfaces.

Monolithic gatherings

Dakh: insulation 200mm, reinforced screed with mesh, length 150mm. geotextile membrane PVC 1,5mm. Virvi water spouts. Cover the parapet with a composite.

Insulation of the facade: mineral wool 150mm.50mm. thickness 75, laminated (water-coated) aluminum profile.

Facade: ventilated porcelain stoneware 10mm.

Septic tank: 2 rings of 2 meters, 2 pcs. primal and overflowing. Volume 10 cubic meters.

Sverdlovina: 70 m. diameter 125. Individual water supply system - a drill hole was drilled for the skin area to supply clean water

The booths are connected to all communications with distributions by location

Electrics 15 kW

Scorched in water from a gas cauldron. 1 on top: heating base (top of the boiler room) plus internal heating convectors. 2-on top: warmth in the bathrooms and wardrobes. The rooms have internal heated convectors.

guaranteed insolation - the panoramic windows in the room always receive more light, and the energy-saving profile and glass package save heat in the middle

Furniture, fabrication, household light plants.

You can customize the booths at your own discretion - converting the space into a home cinema or gym.

The territory is large, including a budinka, 12 acres, with landscape design and auto-fire. There is a barbecue area.

Residents of the River Island CM can enjoy various types of water activities: from swimming to wakesurfing, and in addition to bases around the area there is a paintball area and fishing spots.

Equipped recreation areas are for residents of the River Island complex

On the territory of KG there is a magnificent swimming pool with sun loungers (20m by 12m, depth 110cm to 170cm)

Own wood-burning sauna

For yachts and boats on the territory of the KM there is its own eling (40/13m.) Two exits to the Dnieper. Its own beach is surrounded by an oak tree, pergola. pier for mooring where you can still catch fish without leaving the cottage.

BBQ zone, sports and gaming squares.

Security alert - the territory is closed with civil patrols and video surveillance around the perimeter.

Between 6 hills there is a drive from the cottage area and a number of private gardens. Students can go to the Sprout English-language alternative school or the private Civilizer Gymnasium, 3,5 km from the house. Near the Roztashovani metro station ZOSH No. 62, No. 255, an engineering gymnasium, a specialized school No. 314 with advanced learning of foreign languages, a Scandinavian gymnasium.

In addition to the cottages there is a private clinic “Doctor Dolinsky”, a veterinary clinic of Dr. Shulga, and just a few kilometers away, near the metro, there are a lot of other medical facilities.

You can go in for sports at the SportLife club in Osokorki, which is 15 minutes away. Instruct the locality to use the tennis courts, and open the maidans to rework the ice bucket. On the territory of River Island there are also sports squares.

To the grocery store "Fora" 200 m from the town, from the metro and larger stores: shopping center "Auchan", shopping center "Aladdin" with a cinema and "Epi"Centre».


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1 100 000



290.2 m²

4 rooms


ID: 315917349331
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