House for sale 315 m², 6.7 acres, Yurivka, CAP-315917354456

Object code: 315917354456
250 000


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Zagalna Square
315 m²
Area of ​​the site
6.7 cells
Number of rooms
4 rooms
Object description

Sales of 3-overhead booth, duplex, village. Yurivka, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky.

Sale of a 3-storey house, duplex, village. Yurovka, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky.

Gas on sale

3 overhead booths 315 sq.m.

Dilyanka 6,69 acres

4 rooms

3 collections

Magnificent living room with an exit under the fireplace


Garage for two cars

Great basement space, where you can arrange a sauna and a bombshell.

Preparatory building for final finishing

Prompts with goals

The foundation is monolithic reinforced concrete and reinforced concrete slabs

Insulation – polystyrene foam

Insulation of dahu-minvat

Dah-metal tiles

Septic tank with overflow 10 cubic meters

Sverdlovina 55 meters

Electricity - 50 kW installed, partially distributed

Heat supply on the first side and sanitary facilities on the other

The road to the booth itself is paved

Naklo sosnovy gor

Entrust the living massif, prosperous and possible neighbors

The building is located very close to Kiev, near the village of Yurivka - to the metro station "Teremki"Only 10 minutes to go. In the surrounding area there are private cabins, pine forests and birch forests. It's 10 minutes to the hub of the huge transport.

After a short walk through a pine forest you will reach a lake where you can go fishing in the wild. And for 20 minutes by car you can get to the Gachok lake with its beaches and the Pirates' Bay wake station.

The Yuriyivsky Zagalnosvitny School is open behind the booth, and in the neighboring village of Tarasivka there are a number of kindergartens and private development clubs. Most of the other initial mortgages have been repaid at the Teremki metro station.

The nearest medical centers are about 10-15 miles away.

Shepherds, who travel for 15 hours, have a number of sports clubs.

For 15 minutes you can walk to supermarkets without rushing.

We look out for you at any time!


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250 000



315 m²

4 rooms


ID: 315917354456
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