House for sale 500 m², 13 acres, Pidhirtsi, CAP-315917337238

Object code: 315917337238
480 000


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Zagalna Square
500 m²
Area of ​​the site
13 cells
Number of rooms
6 rooms
Object description

Sales of a tripod-top booth, with. Pidhirtsi, Obukhivskyi district.

Sale of a 3-storey house, with. Podgortsy, Obukhov district.

Clean air, Malovnichny Lake, perfectly trimmed lawns and chalet-style cottages. This Cossack was sold just 8 kilometers from the capital. The handrail is an easy transport connection that allows easy access to the main infrastructure facilities: supermarkets, shopping centers, schools, kindergartens and hospitals. And the main advantage of the cottage town is that all the cabins are already available, and you can move in immediately after purchase. If you value your reputation and value your time, we kindly ask you to “Alpine”.

About the booths:

An excellent option for a great homeland, a cabin of 500 m2 with a garage for 10 cars measuring 200 m2, above the garage there is another cabin that is protected.

Dіlyanka 13 acres of land, large crita terrace, Mr. block.

Budinok povnistyu fencing from the sides.

Communications: light, Sverdlovina, septic tank, gas generator.

Budinok is already warm. Burning gas.

About the cottage town:

The cottage village "Alpiyka" occupies an area of ​​11 hectares and consists of 56 ready-made cabins. The size of the plot for the cottage will be 25-32 acres, and the area itself will vary from 365 to 415 square meters. m. The ZV Development company, which entered the Ukrainian market since 1989, became the owner.


Pobudovane town near the village. Pidgirtsi in Obukhivsky district. You can get to the Vidubychi metro station in 15 minutes by car, and to the center of Kiev in 20 minutes. There is a link to public transport at 200 m. Near the center of the Alpiyka CM the Malovniche Dzherelne lake was blooming.


The territory of the cottage town is closed and protected completely. The forgetter has reclaimed the embankment - now it is a favorite place for the town's baggage residents to go for walks. You can also spend your time on the children's square, mini-football field or tennis court. You can get to school and kindergartens in 20-25 miles by car, and in 5-10 miles you can reach the Butterfly cinema, Megamarket, Manufactura outlet, sports clubs "Deltaplane" and Olympic Village, shopping center "Atmosphere", "Domosphere", ArtMall.


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480 000



500 m²

6 rooms


ID: 315917337238
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