House for sale, 850.6 m², 22 acre, Chabany, CAP-A757

Object code: A757
690 000


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Zagalna Square
850.6 m²
Area of ​​the site
22 cells
Number of rooms
4 rooms
Object description

Sales of 2-overhead booth, village. Chabani, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district.

Sale of a 2-storey house, village. Shepherds, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district.

A luxurious cabin with two swimming pools, a sauna, a billiard room, an office with a secret room, its own hot-water power plant, a generator, three boilers, an area with landscape design and various varieties of conifers, a garage for 3 cars and a lot of space Other locations, in order.

The house was built in 2008 from bricks. The thickness of the walls is 70 cm. The foundation is 1,5 m. Insulation with mineral wool (the house is very warm).

Zagalny area 850,6 sq.m.

Zhitlova 298,4 sq.m.

4 bedrooms (40,5; 34,0; 32,9; 29,8 sq.m.)

1 office

Kitchen (41,7 sq.m.)

Їdalna (26,3 sq.m.)


Billiard room (66,4 sq.m.)

Two swimming pools: 34 m; 105 m;

Terrace 40 sq. m.

Boiler room

dressing room

Vinny lokh

Collection room 40 sq.m.

4 bathrooms

Territories with landscape design - 22 acres. Conifers, thuja, juniper, lawn are planted on the territory. There is a fruitful orchard (cherries, apples, pears, cherries, plums, peaches).

There is a child's square in the lot.

The gazebo with the grill area is closed, water is supplied.

Drainage system by extension, waterproofing of ground water.

Budinochka for the staff.

Garage for 3 cars.

Own caphouse.

Aviary for 2 dogs.

Automatic gates with switches to mechanics.

Vlasna power station with 120 kW.

Generator 40 kW, four cylinder.

Video security around the perimeter.

DSU alarm.

Ventilation of the booth - overhead recuperation.

Fan coil system for heating/cooling the cabin.

Using this additional device, it is possible to obtain an even distribution of temperature in large areas. The advantages are low noise level and energy efficiency.

Sverdlovina 128m.

Overflow septic tank, 3 barrels.

The booth is folded with a cover of 4 surfaces:

Basement on top:

Sauna, swimming pool 34 sq.m. depth 2 m..

Kіmnata vіdpochinku.



Vinny lokh.

dressing room.

Boiler house with 4 boilers (2 backup gas boilers, electric boiler and pellet boiler).

Large wardrobe, shower, sanitary facilities.

First on top:

A kitchen with all the necessary equipment and light generators.


Exit from the kitchen door.


The finishing area is furnished with furniture made from exotic types of wood, and there is a winter garden.

Swimming pool 105 m. depth 2 m., shower.

Exit to a terrace of 40 sq. m., covered with a plank of exotic wood.


Other over:

3 bedrooms, one of them has a loggia


Sanvuzol with bath and bide.

Third on top:

Guest room (game).

An office with a loggia and a hallway with a fenced-in room.

Sanvuzol with bath and bide.

The staff room is close to 50 sq.m.

Kitchen, room and bathroom with shower.

The staff may be lost from the office, they are professionals. Couple, man and squad, salary 36000 UAH. for a month.

On the territory there is a small amount of accommodation for guests. accommodate.


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690 000



850.6 m²

4 rooms


ID: A757
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