Sale of commercial real estate on the street , 14082 m², CAP-315917354126

Object code: 315917354126
700 000


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Zagalna Square
14082 m²
Area of ​​the site
600 cells
Object description

The sale includes a manufacturing and warehouse complex located in the village of Chornohorodka, Kiev region, Makarivsky district;

The property is located in a good location and has good transport links.

Placement at the final stage of everyday life.

Object parameters:

1. Land plot:

a. Area: 6 hectares;

b. Purpose: lands of industry;

2. There will be production bases:

a. Head building "B": 1 m186,4;

b. Clearing sporuda "B": 146,4 m2;

c. Passage "D": 18,2 m2;

d. Warehouse "Zh": 734,6 m2;

e. Warehouse "Z": 733,6 m2;

f. Passage "I": 7,8 m2

g. Burial area "R": 3,7 m2;

h. Additional building (unfinished building) "L": 275 m2;

i. Garage (unfinished building) "K": 177,5 m2;

j. Warehouse for finished products (work in progress) “O”: 1961 m2;

k. Virobnichy building (unfinished building) "N": 6 m530;

l. Warehouse (unfinished building) “M”: 1212 m2;

m. Sidewalk;

n. Water tower;

o. Sewer well;

p. Mulosbirnik;

q. Fence;

r. Concrete pedestal for tap;

s. Engineering Krinitsa;

t. Retaining wall;

u. Administrative building (unfinished building) “P”: 1032 m2;

3. Area of ​​the objects put into operation: 2830,7 m2;

4. Area of ​​objects not put into operation: 11 m187,5 (readiness 2-90%);

5. Readiness of objects of work in progress 90-100%;

6. Zagalna area: 14018,2 m2;

7. Stand in front of the center of Kiev metro station: 45 km;

8. Vіdstana vіdzhi m. Kiev (Kіltseva road, Odessky town): 35 km;

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700 000



14082 m²



ID: 315917354126
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