Sale of commercial real estate on the street Magnitogorskaya, 4400 m², CAP-315917346449

Object code: 315917346449
+1 700 000 XNUMX


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Zagalna Square
4400 m²
Area of ​​the site
100 cells
Number of rooms
50 rooms
Object description

Sales near standing room were in Kiev, on the Left Birch
Desnyansky district, Sotsmisto massif, st. Magnitogorsk, bld. 1-B

The total area of ​​the building is 4400 m2, it consists of 4 floors
The area of ​​the plot is 0.96 hectares
The status of the site is in use, the annual payment for use is UAH 1.038.880,05. Real estate tax - UAH 441.124,65 per year.
Stan: will require repairs. The cabinet system, sanitary facilities on the first version, have the ability to clean wet spots in the skin cabinet. It is possible to install supply and exhaust ventilation and install elevators.

The owner is a legal entity

It was founded in 1962.
The walls are made of brick, the roof is made of wooden beams, the roof is slate.
Sewerage is centralized
There is no gas, it was planned to burn the air conditioners.
The territory of the facility is sheltered and not cleared

The transformer substation on the territory, but not with a capacity of 300 kW per year under the contract, has the possibility of increased power.
Under the clinic, medical Centre, laboratory, office and warehouse space, lighting facility, etc. There is no elevator, but additional ones can be added.
Near the object there is a developed infrastructure, a large shopping center, Auchan retail, many industrial facilities, a good transport interchange, the Chernihivska metro station is a 16-minute walk away.

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+1 700 000 XNUMX



4400 m²

50 rooms


ID: 315917346449
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