Land plot for sale, 3000 acres, Podillia, CAP-315917338912

Object code: 315917338912
1 000 000


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Area of ​​the site
3000 cells
Object description

Sales of 30 hectares of land in the center of the village of Podillya.
Barishivska village territorial community.
Brovary district of Kiev region.
The distance from Kiev is 65 km.
Between the places of Boryspil and Pereyaslav.

Purpose of the land: special rural dominion.

The land lay within the village community, had never previously entered the warehouse of agricultural land, was not sold and was not reclaimed.
Fifteen plots of 2 hectares each.
There is an asphalt road between the plots.
Handle the power and gas lines.
The territory is adjacent to a lake and a beach.

In 2012, the project of greenhouse domination began to disintegrate from a foreign company.


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1 000 000





ID: 315917338912
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