Commercial real estate for sale st. Krasnotkatskaya, 1853 m², CAP-3153606

Object code: 3153606
+1 500 000


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Zagalna Square
1853 m²
Area of ​​the site
30 cells
Object description

Sales booth on the street. Chervonotkatska, Darnitsky district.

Sale of a building on the street. Krasnotkatskaya, Darnitsky district.

Okrema budivlya (office and warehouse complex) is for sale.

The property consists of buildings with a long-term lease, vacancy rate is 0%.

Covering area: 1853,3 sq.m., consists of three surfaces.

Warehouse = 1,346 m2

Offices = 430 m2

Additional spaces = 78 m2

Land plot: 25 acres (the land is not registered, an application has been submitted for the development of technical documentation)

Improved territory: the territory has been landscaped, there are gates, gates and parking for 20 cars. Partially asphalted, reshta - crushed stone-concrete.

Stan: under renovation

Height of the bed:

- warehouses: 1st floor. = 6 and 8 m

– 2nd floor = 5,8 m

Office space: 2,6 m

Croc of columns at warehouse premises:

Warehouse No. 1 – 6 x 6 m

Warehouse No. 2 – 6 x 18 m

Rik of life:

Main salary: 1974 r.

Major reconstruction and arrival: 2020 r.

Electrical: 150 kW

Central water supply and sewerage

Scorched combined:

– offices (1-3 floors) – electric boilers + water heating

- warehouses - electric converters and guns

Air conditioning: split system

24/7 video security cameras and alarm

Three Internet providers, fiber optic Internet

Є permanent 3 orders:

- Mobile Communication

- developments for the concern and training of experts of the chemical concern located nearby.

– manufacture, sale and service of equipment for water purification, household and industrial systems (the second largest company in Ukraine)

In 2021, contracts for 3 years were re-signed.

Payment with BN with PDV

Orientation rent: =+/- $10000

(During the VP period: $8000)

Vlasnik: legal. exposing

Sales of corporate rights

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+1 500 000



1853 m²



ID: 3153606
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