Sale of land, 5 acres, Belogorodka, CAP-315917349736

Object code: 315917349736
45 000


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Area of ​​the site
5 cells
Object description

I will sell a plot of land with non-budova
I am selling Nebudova with a project of two overhead booths.
S. Bilogorodka massif Sadi st. Alichova 90
The apartments are encouraged to be settled.
Dilyanka 5 acres.
The foundation of the fence is concrete, the frame for fastening the metal profile has been prepared
Vlashtovana sverdlovina 65 m glibini, with ownership.
Vikonano installation of a septic tank with a capacity of 8 m3.
The foundation of the booth was poured with reinforced beams and two reinforcing mesh.
The walls are made of first-painted materials on top and a monolithic belt is laminated.
At the same time, there is a gas block on top of another and fittings for glazing the ceiling. The quality of the plot with materials is 45000

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45 000





ID: 315917349736
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