Referral Program

   Company referral program THE Capital presents a unique opportunity for real estate experts. It is based on the principle of recommendations, allowing experts to attract new clients and receive well-deserved rewards for successful transactions. As part of the program, experts can recommend their acquaintances, friends and colleagues as potential buyers and tenants of real estate.

Important rules for working with the referral program

  1. All transfers of clients must be recorded through the "Transfer client" form.
  2. In order for the transfer to work effectively, all transfers begin with a 3-way introductory meeting - Transferring Expert <> Client <> Receiving Expert, who will be appointed after the distribution of filling out the client transfer form.
  3. All transferred contacts are checked for uniqueness, so the transfer of a client can be counted as a referral if the receiving party has not started working with the transferred client before (found it on its own, contacted through CC or by request from an advertisement, i.e. without the participation of an expert).
  4. Future deals on a previously transferred client are considered as referrals if the expert who referred the client participated in initiating a second / additional sale.



for a client with whom preparatory work was carried out and during the transfer the main parameters of the request were determined (goals, indicative budget, deadline)


for a client who is ready for a deal (he has decided on the parameters of the deal, you just need to complete it)


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